Technological audit

In today's world the increasingly complex composition and poor content of the ore are involved in the processing. Inevitably, there is a decrease in output and deterioration of its quality. To maintain technical and economic indicators at the achieved level, it is necessary to modernize production and technology.

Technical and technological audit will answer critical questions:

  • Which node is a bottleneck in the process chain and impairs performance?
  • Which upgrade path is to choose: extensive or intensive?
  • Is it necessary to update the equipment fleet or is it enough to apply new technological solutions at existing facilities?

As part of the audit, our employees will collect and analyze sufficient information to make a decision. The results of the audit will allow you to determine in which “bottleneck” investments in the current technological process will have a minimum payback period, and also provide answers to questions about which way to expand production is preferable in each specific situation.


Customer cases

Khaibullinskaya processing plant

Khaibullinskaya processing plant

Construction of processing plant with capacity 3 million tons per year
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