X-ray fluorescence analyzer analytical complex

Automatic X-ray fluorescence analyzer ARFA-RIVS-P is designed for automatic express control of the elemental (chemical) composition in samples of pulp products. RIVS makes two modifications of the AXFA-RIVS-P analyzers: for 10 and 15 measuring cuvettes.


  • a large number of simultaneously defined elements;
  • high accuracy and reliability of analysis;
  • multi-stage analytical signal stabilization system (A0 ≤ 0.1 %);
  • radiation safety;
  • elimination of increased requirements for the premises and the level of staff training;
  • unified solutions (RF-equipment, PTS, PO, MO);
  • circulation of the pulp under vacuum;
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • power consumption (≤ 500 W);
  • weight and size characteristics;
  • complete solution from project to implementation.

Presentations of the analytical complex and the automatic system of analytical monitoring ASAM-RIVS are available for download.

For more information, please contact the RIVS analytical center or write to us at: rivs@rivs.ru


Customer cases

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Technical re-equipment of the Rubtsovskaya processing plant without stopping production.
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