The transfer unit automation

The shut-off valve control system of pumps is designed for monitoring of extreme positions and control (closing/opening):

  • shut-off valves of pumping units (when switching to operating/standby mode),
  • hydrocyclone unit (to change the number of the operating hydrocyclones in the battery)
  • and pneumatic cylinders of bottom gates of distribution boxes for the purpose of controlling material flows in the technological process.

The system consists of a control cabinet for shut-off valves and actuators with pneumatic or electric drives (slide and disc/bottom gates, pinch tube drain valves).

The control cabinet allows you to work in both local and remote modes. Production of the control cabinet is possible in the form of a manual control cabinet and a control cabinet based on a remote I/O station with an operator panel.

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Customer cases

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Reconstruction of the Uchaly mineral processing plant with increase in productivity to 6.5 million tons of ore per year.
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