Testing and analytical control

Operational testing and rapid analytical control of technological products at mining and beneficiation enterprises are the basis of a comprehensive product quality management system.

Timely response to changes in the process parameters and fine-tuning for optimization are possible only if there is reliable and prompt feedback.

For the purposes of monitoring and controlling the process of flotation ore beneficiation, the role of such feedback is performed by the automatic system of analytical monitoring ASAM-RIVS, which includes the automatic system for testing pulp products (ASTPP) and an analytical complex (AC) based, as a rule, on X-ray fluorescence (RF) analyzers as subsystems.

The RIVS Company provides the ability to supply the entire system, as well as individual components included in it.

Customer cases

Gaiskii processing plant

Gaiskii processing plant

Modernization of the flotation section of the processing plant.
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