Machine visions for pulp products

An integral part of modern production is the ability to visually evaluate the flotation process from anywhere in the world. “Machine vision”, together with process flow automation, not only increases the degree of automation of flotation management by providing reliable parameters for measuring the quality of foam, but also provides an opportunity for remote evaluation of the process by qualified technologists.

The complex provides the following information to the automated process control system:

  • estimated quantitative and qualitative characteristics of bubble sizes on the surface of the foam layer (bubble sizes, their size distribution);
  • foam stability (dynamic change in the properties of the foam bubbles);
  • stability of the rate of foam product discharge;
  • distance between the video camera and the surface of the foam layer (used to calculate the thickness of the foam layer);
  • analysis of the color characteristics of the foam product.

Foam parameters are used to control aeration, reagent supply and foam level in the flotation machine.

The ability to choose different configurations allows you to start implementing the complex with minimal costs and expand as necessary.


Customer cases

Global Shiraldzyn Mining

Global Shiraldzyn Mining

Construction of the Shiraldzhin processing plant with a capacity of 500 thousand tons/year
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