Laboratories of the analytical center

The analytical center responsible for testing and analytical control has three laboratories: research, testing, test and demonstration.

In the research laboratory they conduct research to determine the optimal geometry of X-ray diagrams of the designed analyzers, developed methods of conducting X-ray analysis, including the choice of optimal parameters of the measurement mode, the construction of graded equations and partial correction of results of analysis, preparation of pulp powder patterns of the products.

In the testing laboratory, the manufactured equipment of the automated system of analytical monitoring ASAM is configured and debugged, as well as its comprehensive testing before being sent to the Customer.

The test and demonstration laboratory has a working automated system of analytical monitoring ASAM-RIVS. This laboratory houses equipment for demonstration to a potential customer. It also tests the system as a whole and its individual components, and conducts research experiments.

Customer cases

Aqtobe copper company

Aqtobe copper company

Reconstruction of processing plants No. 1, No. 2 of the Aqtobe Copper Company
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