Conveyors and feeders

The RIVS Company offers belt feeders and belt conveyors of the KL type.

Belt conveyors of the “KL” type are used for horizontal or inclined transportation of bulk cargo. Depending on the cross-section of the working branch of the belt, conveyors can be made grooved or flat. The belt width of the produced conveyors is from 500 mm to 1600 mm with a capacity from 200 to 3100 t/h.

Belt feeder as a part of the automated complex is intended for transportation and metered delivery of bulk materials in technological lines of mining, metallurgical, processing, construction and other industries. RIVS produces feeders with a capacity of up to 500t/hour with a belt width from 500mm to 1200mm.

Customer cases

Ingulets mineral processing plant

Ingulets mineral processing plant

Two-stage turnkey construction of a 6.0 million ton magnetite concentrate flotation finishing unit.
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