We produce hydrocyclones and hydrocyclone batteries, as well as screens for dry and wet classification.

Hydrocyclones are designed for classification and enrichment of the fine materials in the water environment by hydraulic size, thickening and deslimation of enrichment products. On the basis of the produced hydrocyclones, the increased productivity is possible due to the combination of hydrocyclones in batteries that have a common power supply, discharge of drains and sands.

RIVS also produces two types of vibrating screens: self-balancing and inertial. Screens are designed for dry and wet classification of large-lump materials in mining, construction and other industries with a bulk density of materials up to 2.8 t/m3.

Customer cases

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Technical re-equipment of the Rubtsovskaya processing plant without stopping production.
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