Operational control of crushed ore size on the conveyor belt is based on the principle of scanning the surface of the crushed ore flow with laser sensors. Processing of signals taken from sensors allows you to get information about the content of controlled classes of size and volume performance of conveyors.

The customer himself determines the control classes necessary for calculation, for which individual calibration will be performed. You can monitor several control classes at once.

Due to the presence of a belt speed sensor in the system, the influence of variable conveyor speed on the accuracy of calculations is eliminated. The level of light and dust also does not affect the measurement result.

The available layout solutions allow you to install the granulometer carrier rack on the floor or on the conveyor bed.

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Customer cases

Semyonovskaya beneficiation plant

Semyonovskaya beneficiation plant

Construction of a beneficiation plant for processing gold-copper-zinc and gold-quartz ores with a capacity of 900 thousand tons of ore per year
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