Conditioning tanks

RIV produces tanks for mechanical mixing of ore pulps and liquids in contact with reagents, as well as tanks for steaming the pulp.

The tank for mechanical mixing of the ore pulps and liquids is a cylindrical body with an impeller-type mixing device and bumpers that prevent formation of funnels on the surface of the medium. The tanks are equipped with an air collector for supplying air or other gases to the medium.

In conditioning tanks for steaming, steam is fed through the collector in addition to mechanical mixing.

All the tanks are equipped with emergency discharge connections with knife-gate valves. The tanks can be made in acid-resistant design from corrosion-resistant steel.


  • availability of a recirculating device of various sizes and shapes;
  • possibility of manufacturing tanks with mixing devices of various types;
  • ability to adjust and maintain the set pulp level by the automatic system;
  • possibility of completing the tanks with dosing devices for supply of reagents.

The technical characteristics of conditioning tanks can be found by downloading the presentation below


Customer cases

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Rubtsovskaya processing plant

Technical re-equipment of the Rubtsovskaya processing plant without stopping production.
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