In the 21-st century, traditional two-dimensional design has been replaced by BIM (Building information modeling).

BIM technologies are based on a virtual three-dimensional model that has real physical properties, as well as additional dimensions (time, cost and planning). BIM technology allows you to avoid most of the internal inconsistencies (collisions) that occur when combining its components or related sections developed by different groups of specialists in a single project.

The BIM model can be developed with a level of detail that allows you to determine the parameters of construction processes even before the start of construction work on the site. Data management of the information model reduces the project implementation time, allows you to make changes to the project as quickly as possible, and extends the service life of the constructed object.

At RIVS Company the investment and construction process is performed using BIM technology in Revit, Navisworks, and AutoCAD Civil 3D applications.

Customer cases

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Reconstruction of the Uchaly mineral processing plant with increase in productivity to 6.5 million tons of ore per year.
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