Automatic sampling system

The RIVS Company produces automatic sampling complexes (ASC) based on cross-section, vacuum and pressure samplers.

The ASC based on a cross-section sampler consists of a cross-section sampler with a pneumatic drive, a station for accumulation and pneumatic delivery of samples and a control cabinet. Modification of the cross-section sampler is selected based on the parameters of the process flow being tested. The sample accumulation and pneumatic delivery station is used for accumulation of point samples of pulp from the automatic sampling complex and pneumatic transportation of the accumulated sample to the place of analysis. The control cabinet of the automatic sampling system is designed for automatic or manual selection of pulp products. Both manual and automatic modes of operation of the complex are provided.

ASC based on a vacuum accumulation sampler consists of a vacuum accumulation sampler and a control cabinet. The vacuum accumulation sampler does not require the use of a sample accumulation and pneumatic delivery station.

ASC based on pressure sampler consists of a pressure sampler with a pneumatic drive, a sample accumulation and pneumatic delivery station, and a control cabinet.

Presentation of the Automatic sampling systems, as well as all their technical characteristics is available for download.

For more information, please contact the RIVS Company analytical center or write to us at: rivs@rivs.ru


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Rubtsovskaya processing plant

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