Autotitrator: measurement of residual CaO

It is designed for automatic control of the physical and chemical parameters of the liquid phase of pulp and recycled water, in particular: content of free CaO, pH degree, conductivity, temperature.

Automatic measurement of the residual lime concentration in the pulp from several technological sampling points by automatic sequential reproduction of procedures performed using the standard titrimetric method for laboratory analysis of samples.

The maximum approximation to the laboratory conditions of the procedure itself and the conditions for titration of the sample allows you to achieve high accuracy, as well as minimize the human factor.

The self-cleaning filter included in the system reduces the requirements for the quality of the sample taken. Micro-dispensers on supply of neutralizing titrant (0.1% HCl) with control of the supplied dose eliminate the error associated with calculating the volume of acid spent on the sample discoloration.

You can use the same system for multiple test points.

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Apatit JSC (Phosagro)

Apatit JSC (Phosagro)

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