Automatic sample preparation system

Automatic sample preparation system (ASPS) is designed for receiving, deaeration, dynamic reduction and dewatering of pulp samples delivered via pneumatic pulpways for subsequent analysis. The system can be delivered either separately or as part of an automatic system for testing pulp products together with automatic sampling systems. The automatic transmission is made in a modular design, which facilitates installation and makes it possible to form the desired number of sample preparation lines.

The automatic sample preparation complex consists of sample receiving and deaeration stations, pneumatic-driven sample reducers, a vacuum sample filtration device, and a control cabinet. Both manual and automatic modes of operation of the complex are provided.

Presentations of the automatic sample preparation complex and the automatic system of analytical monitoring ASAM-RIVS are available for download.

For more information, please contact the RIVS Company analytical center or write to us at: rivs@rivs.ru


Customer cases

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

The company's productivity was increased from 25 million to 32 million tons per year. The reconstruction was carried out without stopping production.
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