Automated process control system

Automated process control system (APCS) is a complex product that combines the technological process, technical means of collecting, processing and converting information, software, algorithmic, mathematical support and operational personnel.

APCS allows as follows:

  • monitor the parameters of technological processes and condition of equipment;
  • perform visual monitoring and remote control of technological equipment;
  • archive parameters of the technological and actions of the operating personnel;
  • centrally manage the technological process, tracking changes in tasks by operational personnel on local automated systems;
  • perform automatic control of technological processes taking into account the grade of the processed ore;
  • keep records of energy consumption, materials consumed and the efficiency of technological equipment use;
  • quickly evaluate the current performance of shifts;
  • generate periodic reports on technical and economic indicators of the plant.


APCS-RIVS advantages:

  • open interface for developing and integrating new process optimization tasks into the system;
  • unified standard interfaces for integration with automation tools from the other manufacturers in order to exchange data and commands with them;
  • flexible, convenient, reliable and intuitive system for configuring and setting the integrated functions.

Customer cases

Alexandrinskaya mining company

Alexandrinskaya mining company

Modernization of the beneficiation plant's flotation section.
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