Thickening process control system

The thickening process control system is designed to maintain the operating modes of the thickener process equipment and automatically regulate (stabilize) the sand unloading process.


  • control of the thickening process based on a set of control points: bed weight, bed level, protection mechanisms for rotation and vertical movement of the revolving girder;
  • control of flocculant solution supply for power control and bed level control;
  • control of the moment of rotation of the revolving mechanism;
  • unconditional stabilization of the thickening process with hourly power supply fluctuations in the range of up to 20%;
  • technological protection of equipment related to instability or abnormal supply of power to the thickener, interruptions in the supply of flocculant, technical problems in the sand discharge unit;
  • hardware protection for equipment related to the detection of critical events by sensors and meters, light and sound notification of emergencies;
  • control of clarified water by turbidity parameter (optional);
  • control and management of the sand unloading operation by measuring the bed mass and sand density, maintaining the target density in the unloading cycle;
  • optimization of the thickener operation by organizing the power balance and unloading of the thickener;
  • accounting for operating hours of equipment.

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