Continuous-handling system automation

Continuous-handling system automation is intended for automatic control of equipment and movement of flows of the ore raw materials and products of its primary processing from the loading hopper of the crushing section to the mill of the first stage of grinding.

The system monitors the operating parameters of emergency shutdown of conveyor transport, plate, belt and vibration feeders, level control in the intermediate tanks and reloading units, distribution and averaging of material in warehouses and ore stacks from a single operator point.

The system provides centralized start-up and stop of technological device chains in the specified order, observing the necessary locking dependencies, issuing pre-start and emergency alarms to the operator and machine operators of mechanisms at the installation site, including permission or prohibition to unload dump trucks into the receiving hopper, regulating the performance of conveyor transport according to the indications of scales, managing the movement of rolling conveyors, stackers, discharge carriages, etc.


Customer cases

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical combinat, MMP-3

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical combinat, MMP-3

Reconstruction of the Mining and Metallurgical Plant MMP-3 processing complex with increase in productivity up to 6.4 million tons of ore per year
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