The control system of pulp classification

The control system of classification process of pulp (ACS HC) is designed for automatic control of the pulp classification process on hydrocyclones.

The system is a complete solution for stabilizing the characteristics of the target product and stabilizing the closed-loop power supply.


  • stabilization of hydrocyclone cluster supply by parameters of given density and volume flow due to adjusting the speed of supply of hydrocyclones and regulation plus water in the sump pumping units. Stabilization accuracy - up to 5%;
  • maintaining continuous power stability based on the target pressure parameter in the hydrocyclone cluster power supply;
  • accounting of the operating hours and operating time of hydrocyclones in the cluster;
  • operational management of the power distribution front in the cluster due to shut-off valves between the collector and the hydrocyclones;
  • monitoring and maintaining the operating level in the sump by adaptively reducing the task of maintaining the target pressure in the HC supply (in local execution) and changing the task for the sump supply (when working as part of the automated control system);
  • process protection of equipment associated with instability or disruption of power, technical problems at the nodes of the pumping units;
  • hardware protection for equipment related to detection of critical events by sensors and meters, light and sound notification of emergency situations.

Customer cases

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Uchaly mineral processing plant

Reconstruction of the Uchaly mineral processing plant with increase in productivity to 6.5 million tons of ore per year.
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