Pulp level and air flow control

The automated system for stabilizing the pulp level and air flow (ASSPL-AF) is designed for automatic control (stabilization) of the pulp level in the cascade of the floatation machine in unsteady power of cascade with pulp, as well as to stabilize air flow entering the floatation machine cascade.


  • degrees of extraction rates within 0.4% of the task due to process stabilization;
  • more than twice as high reliability due to dual-channel system controlling the pulp level;
  • ability to visually monitor the current and set values of the pulp level, as well as ability to quickly change the task and set the controller;
  • smooth control of the pulp level and air flow due to the use of only analog positioner controllers;
  • informative procedure for setting up control and process monitoring systems that require a minimum of special knowledge from the operator;
  • ability to work both in the local control mode and as part of APCS of the enriching plant;
  • accounting for operating hours of the equipment.

ASSPL-AF is a ready-to-integrate hardware and software module and can be implemented with any type of interface at the customer's request.



Customer cases

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical combinat, MMP-4

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical combinat, MMP-4

Construction of the Mining and Metallurgical Plant MMP-4 with a capacity of 1.8 million tons of ore per year.
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