Flocculant preparation and dosing station

The flocculant preparation and dosing station (FPDS) carries out preparation of a liquid flocculant from a dry polymer by means of an exact dosage ratio of the polymer and the supplied water with an exposure of the technological preparation time with the polymer content in solution up to 0.25%, the volume of dissolution and dosing from 0.2 m3 to 6 m3 per hour.

All the actuators can be operated manually or automatically. Mode switching is performed from the operator panel.

The automated control system of the flocculant preparation and dosing station allows you to accompany the process of preparation and dosing of solutions without the participation of an operator.

Technical characteristics of the flocculant preparation and dosing station can be downloaded below.


Customer cases

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

The company's productivity was increased from 25 million to 32 million tons per year. The reconstruction was carried out without stopping production.
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