Cylindrical tanks

Cylindrical tanks of the RIF brand can be used for storage of recycled water, previously prepared reagent, storage of concentrated reagents, as well as in the form of sumps for pumping pulp from the process to process.

RIVS produces tanks from 1m3 to 100m3 in the conventional and acid-resistant versions, as well as for various climatic conditions.

The tanks are equipped with an overflow pipe, a drainage pipe and a service hatch (manhole) for inspection and repair of the internal components and parts. The tanks are also equipped with a solution level sensor that registers the current level position.

The tanks with a capacity of 1; 2; 3; 5 m3 are equipped with removable covers, the rest with decking and perimeter fences.

The technical characteristics of cylindrical tanks can be found by downloading the presentation below.


Customer cases

Semyonovskaya beneficiation plant

Semyonovskaya beneficiation plant

Construction of a beneficiation plant for processing gold-copper-zinc and gold-quartz ores with a capacity of 900 thousand tons of ore per year
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