Equipment for pulp preparation

RIF offers a variety of pulp preparation equipment, including contact tanks, solution tanks, storage tanks and reservoirs.

Contact tanks are used in the non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, coal and other industries for mechanical mixing of ore pulps and liquids in contact with reagents. In contact tanks, in addition to mechanical mixing, a steaming operation (heating the pulp) can be added.

Solution tanks with a volume up to 100m3 are designed for preparation of reagents.

Storage tanks are used for storing high-density pulp products and concentrates before being fed to filter units - press filters

Cylindrical tanks of the RIF brand can be used for storage of recycled water, previously prepared reagent, storage of concentrated reagents, as well as in the form of sumps for pumping pulp from the process to process.

Customer cases

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE

The company's productivity was increased from 25 million to 32 million tons per year. The reconstruction was carried out without stopping production.
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